COVID-19 practice changes.

This is to inform you that Dr. Chew-Lai is currently still conducting face-to face consults in the Paediatric Sessional Suites, however due to the constantly changing restrictions and demands resulting from the evolving COVID-19 situation, this may need to be temporarily ceased at some stage.If you, your child or anyone in your family are:
  • Unwell (even if mild symptoms)
  • Been overseas in the last 14 days
  • Been in contact with someone suspected of or a confirmed case of Coronavirus
  • Or meet criteria for self-isolation as per government recommendations
please inform us and stay at home. If the above does not apply to your family, and you would still like to attend your appointment, it is a Wesley Hospital Directive that only 1 parent or guardian accompanies the patient. Dr. Chew-Lai will be able to conduct consults either via video or telephone conferencing in some circumstances, however we are awaiting further directive from Medicare in regards to the rebates for these to occur. Currently there are very strict guidelines as to which telehealth services can be bulk-billed. At present they do not cover all of Dr. Chew-Lai’s current Medicare rebatable items. As a result, Private fees will be charged as per current existing gap fees, depending on the nature of the consult. These fees will not be eligible for Medicare rebates. If you wish to attend your clinic appointment, book in a telephone or video consult, please inform us via email: [email protected] as to your preference. We can then inform you if a fee is applicable and make an appointment time for you. Please note that it may not be practical or suitable to conduct some consultations via Telehealth (for example if the child requires to be physically examined and with certain assessments); if this is the case, we will inform you. Please ensure your GP referral is still current. As telehealth will be a new temporary service during the COVID crisis, we would appreciate your patience and understanding in this matter.